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Claim Center

Dedicated to Your Needs: Our Responsive Claim Center

Discover how we put you first. Our Claim Center, at the heart of our commitment to customers, ensures swift, professional, and empathetic responses to every claim.

At the Powderhorn Agency (for the ProGuard Program), we understand that responding quickly, professionally and compassionately to a claim from the first moment of contact is one of the most important things we do as your heating oil tank program administrator. That's what our Claim Center does for each of the 60,000 customer contacts we handle every year.

Our Claim Center for the program administers claims to ensure customers get the level of care and attention they deserve. Our highly trained customer care specialists are on hand to help you no matter how you choose to reach us: by phone, online, fax or e-mail. We respond quickly and use our immediate assignment system to match the complexity and type of your claim to a claim professional who has the right combination of industry experience and skills to best handle your claim.

Our Claim Center sets the tone for fast, fair and efficient claim management and for delivering when it matters for our customers.

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